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OSHA and Logging
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July 31, 2012
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July 31, 2012
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Log Hauls & Slips

OSHA and Logging


Workers receive injuries from the log chute or slip and fall if footing is inadequate along walkways or log hauls.

Walkways along log hauls must have a standard handrail on the outer edge and cleats or other means to assure adequate footing and enable employees to walk clear of the log chute. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(a) 

Workers receive injuries due to equipment failure or by using equipment in an unsafe manner.

Log haul bull chains or cable must be designed, installed, and maintained to provide adequate safety for the work need. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(b) 

Log haul gear and bull chain drive mechanism must be guarded. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(c) 

Substantial troughs for the return strand of log haul chains must be provided over passageways. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(d) 

Log haul controls must be located where the operator will be in the clear of logs, machinery, lines, and rigging. In operations where control is by lever exposed to incoming logs, the lever must be arranged to operate the log haul only when moved toward the log slip or toward the log pond. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(e) 

Install a positive stop on all log hauls to prevent logs from traveling too far ahead in the mill. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(f) 

Employees may be struck by moving logs on the log deck.

Provide overhead protection for employees working below logs being moved to the log deck. 1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(g) 

Provide log wells with safeguards to minimize the possibility of logs rolling back into well from the log deck.1910.265(d)(2)(vi)(h)

Source: United States Department of Labor/OSHA

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