Training Programs & Sponsorships

Entry Level Driver Theory Training Program

This program was created to train new drivers awaiting to take the CDL exam.

TEAM Safe Trucking is currently accepting sponsorships for the program:

  • State Sponsorship -
    • receives administrative responsibilities for the state ELDT training platform
    • cost $3,400 and includes 34 training courses that can be presented at colleges, CDL schools, High Schools, Logger Associations, Forestry Associations, etc
    • additional courses may be added to provide information on state specific regulations

Entry Level Driver Theory Training Courses 2020

A1.1 Basic Operation
A1.1.1 Driver Orientation
A1.1.2 Control System Dashboard
A1.1.3 Pre & Post-Trip Inspections
A1.1.4 Basic Control
A1.1.5 Shifting & Operating Transmissions
A1.1.6 Backing & Docking
A1.1.7 Coupling & Uncoupling
A1.2 Safe Operating Procedures
A1.2.1 Visual Search
A1.2.2 Communication
A1.2.3 Distracted Driving
A1.2.4 Speed Management
A1.2.5 Space Management
A1.2.6 Night Operation
A1.2.7 Extreme Driving Conditions
A1.3 Advanced Operation Practices
A1.3.1 Hazard Perception
A1.3.2 Skid Control/Recovery, Jackknifing, and Other Emergencies

A1.3.3 Railway-Highway Grade Crossings
A1.4 Vehicle Systems & Reporting Malfunctions
A1.4.1 Identification & Diagnostics of Malfunctions Part 1
A1.4.1 Identification & Diagnostics of Malfunctions Part 2
A1.4.1 Identification & Diagnostics of Malfunctions Part 3
A1.4.2 Roadside Inspections
A1.5 Non-Driving Activities
Introduction to Non-Driving Activities Part 1
Introduction to Non-Driving Activities Part 2
A1.5.1 Handling & Documenting Cargo
A1.5.2 Environmental Compliance Issues
A1.5.3 Hours of Service Requirements
A1.5.4 Fatigue & Wellness Awareness
A1.5.5 Post Crash Procedures
A1.5.6 External Communications
A1.5.7 Whistleblower/Coercion
A1.5.8 Trip Planning
A1.5.9 Drugs & Alcohol
A1.5.10 Medical Requirements

Driver Refresher Training Program


This program was created to provide refresher information on OSHA and FMCSA Safety Regulations, targeting Owners and current CDL holder's in the Forestry Transportation Industry.

If your organization is looking for specific refresher training course to have available to employees, contract haulers, and members, become a TEAM Safe Trucking Sponsor!

  • TST Sponsorship -
    • access to an online learning management platform
    • access to all TST's Driver Refresher Courses
    • create online learning for all types of forest certification schemes (FSC, SFI, SIC, Master Logger)
TEAM Safe Trucking utilizes TalentLMS, which is a learning management system. By becoming a TST Sponsor, you will have access to the learning management system to distribute your companies trainings for certifications and continuing education. TalentLMS allows users to complete courses by using the TalentLMS app on smart devices or from a computer. Once you become a sponsor, you receive a unique url specific to your company, so your employees, members, or contract haulers may have access to the courses. Users will need to create an online account, which then allows them to download the application onto their smart device. Sponsors are assigned an Administrative role through TalentLMS, where it allows them to manage users, assign courses, complete courses, and print real time reports. When a course is completed, the user has an option to download the certificate or have the certificate of completion emailed directly to them.

Driver Refresher Training Courses

Module One

  • Instruction to TEAM Safe Trucking
  • Driver Condition
  • Driver Qualification
  • Vehicle Condition

Module Two

  • Clearances
  • Distracted Driving
  • Preventing Rollovers
  • Speeding


  • Passing & Being Passed
  • DOT Inspections
  • Backing
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Coupling & Uncoupling
  • Turns & Curves
  • Right of Way
  • Following Distance
  • Fatigue
  • Fleet Safety Programs
  • Driver Training
  • Breakdowns


  • Alcohol & Drugs Part 1
  • Mill Safety Challenges
  • Entering & Exiting
  • COVID 19 & Wood Roads
  • Maintenance & Vehicle Condition
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Driver Selection
  • Multi-Contractors
  • Mill General Safety
  • Alcohol & Drugs Part 2
  • Accountability
  • Fall Prevention