TST Committees

Volunteer to help make a difference in Forestry Transportation Training

Research, Awareness, Education and Programming Committee:

  • To assist with semi-annual meeting (developing agenda, finding speakers, designing space layout, audio video rentals, communication about the meeting, menu, development of the power-point presentation)
  • To research, write and submit pieces for the Team Safe Trucking Monthly Newsletter
  • To communicate issues that are causing accidents or safety concerns to Safety Director
  • To review released training courses, provide feedback and help spread the word to others about new training courses
  • To communicate the need for new training topics not yet covered by TST training courses
  • To oversee new program development, and to monitor and assess existing programs
  • To initiate and guide program evaluations, and
  • To facilitate discussions about program priorities for the agency.
  • To reach out to colleges, CDL schools and SFI programs, State Economic Development programs, State Logger Associations and Forestry Associations (ELDT and Driver Refresher Training Programs) (Provide them with information on how to go online and see 9 free training courses)
  • To attend industry meetings and show demonstrations on how to use the training program online, complete trainings and hold classroom trainings, download app and access training courses

Fundraising Committee:

  • To work with staff to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles, such as special events, direct mail, product sales, etc.
  • To work with fundraising staff in their efforts to raise money
  • To take the lead in certain types of outreach efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance committee or hosting fundraising parties, etc.
  • To be responsible for involvement of all board members in fundraising, such as having board members make telephone calls to ask for support, and
  • To monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.
  • To oversee fundraising done by the board
  • To garner support for ELDT program
  • To garner support for Driver Refresher Training program
  • To find Semi-annual meeting sponsors
  • To organize semi-annual meeting Raffle and live auction

Budget and Finance Committee:

  • To assist with development, review and finalization of annual budget
  • To review budgets initially prepared by staff, to help develop appropriate procedures for budget preparations (such as meaningful involvement by program directors), and on a consistency between the budget and the organization’s plans
  • To report to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities
  • To recommend financial guidelines to the board (such as to establish a reserve fund or to obtain a line of credit for a specified amount)
  • To work with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely
  • To oversee short and long-term investments, unless there is a separate investments committee
  • To recommend selection of the auditor and work with the auditor, unless there is a separate audit committee, and
  • To advise the executive director and other appropriate staff on financial priorities and information systems, depending on committee member expertise.
  • To search for grant opportunities, assist with grant writing and the grant application process, to assist with managing submitted grants and grant materials, providing updates to Executive Committee

Nominating Committee:

  • To create and develop policies and submit them for the board recommendation
  • To develop policies for board members giving and fundraising expectations
  • To write descriptions for board officers, board members and committee charters for standing and ad hoc committees.
  • To evaluate the board’s term limits and modify them if needed for board efficiency or to accommodate the changing size of the board.
  • To assist with board orientation.
  • To help new board directors get acclimated to their board duties and get acquainted with the other board members.
  • To oversee recruitment and assign a mentor for new board directors.
  • To oversee Executive, Board and committee member Nominations
  • To solicit prospects for board and committee vacancies
  • To research their backgrounds
  • To groom for board and committee service
  • To encourage board committee diversity
  • To review resumes of nominations
  • To evaluate Board and Committee members using matrix and objectives

Communications Committee:

  • To develop social media messages using content from training courses
  • To develop brochures that will market programs and courses
  • To develop one-sheets to help Educational Sponsors (members, employees, customers, contract haulers) access training courses
  • To develop how to sheets to assist users, SFI and Colleges can use the training platform
  • To assist with website updates and design, posting monthly newsletter
  • To layout the monthly newsletter and or oversee the layout of the monthly newsletter
  • To map of what insurance companies, cover what states with their contact information website
  • To add to the website – an educational sponsor section – a state sponsor section –a train-the-trainer section
  • To create and disperse print/web ads and ensure they are placed in industry magazines, newsletters, and online websites
  • To write blogs for Team Safe Trucking
  • To write Technical Releases and Press Releases for Team Safe Trucking
  • To contact TV stations and assist with PSA being aired on Broadcast TV Stations

Insurance Committee:

  • To report what is causing auto losses/accidents for log trucks monthly
  • To report what are causing workman’s comp claims in the trucking industry
  • To report what training materials are needed to assist your staff and customers?
  • To report what times of the year trends of accidents
  • To report what trends are you seeing that are decreasing risks?
  • To develop a hold harmless agreement for Team Safe Trucking – Everest Insurance
  • To communicate training needs based on what is happening with your customers