TEAM Safe Trucking Semi-Annual Meeting

Downtown Austin, Texas

We regret to inform you, or Semi-Annual Meeting in Downtown Austin, Texas on May 20, 2020 is cancelled due to the pandemic.  TEAM Safe Trucking will be releasing a training course on COVID-19, so you and your employees receive training on the health hazards and how to implement preventative measures to stay safe during this time.

Together we can achieve more

Formed in 2015, TEAM Safe Trucking (TST) is a broad-based, non-profit volunteer group seeking to elevate the standard and performance of the American forest industry’s log trucking sector, which organizers believe is the most serious issue confronting the wood fiber supply chain.

The TEAM is made up of....


Timber Producers


Timber Consumers


Timber Insurance Companies


Timber Associations

“Our mission is to reduce accidents through enhanced driver training and effective fleet management and to recruit new, safety-focused drivers to deliver a sustainable and profitable supply chain.”Jeremiah P. O'Donovan, President

We are always asked this....

For all sides of the industry including Production, Processing, Insurance, etc. there are plenty of benefits and reasons to get involved

  • An Open Forum

    The only group where all sides of the forestry industry can sit at the same table and ALL have their voices heard.

  • Awareness and Education

    The first program directed directly at the Log Truck Driver and the impact that their safety or lack there of affects the entire industry.

  • Public Image

    Publicity efforts aimed directly at reforming the image of the Industry as a whole.

  • Increased Profit

    The driver training, skill set improvement and fleet best practices all present a unique opportunity for the Loggers to add to their bottom line.

So who is involved in this group you ask?

Please take a minute to recognize all those companies and individuals who have contributed sweat, money and time to make this organization a success.

What happened to the Forestry Transportation Industry?


Our Goal...

Is to educate everyone involved in the forestry industry recognize what has happened to the forestry industry transportation sector. If we can all come together and work to improve our training we will ensure there is an industry left to be passed on like it has been for generations.

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